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Since 1951, the Dorned group has specialised in offering tailor-made solutions involving plastic materials. From the outset, our speciality has been the creative treatment of plastics and techniques. Their activities consist of production, development, engineering and sales. As far as the application of plastics is concerned, Dorned is involved from the use of plastics in metallic connections to insulation, right through to water purification. Dorned's injection moulding factory produces the world famous DUBO retaining ring. Another important use of plastics is laminating documents. In short, wherever plastic materials are involved, processed and/or creatively treated, Dorned is a reputable partner with a long and distinguished track record.

In order to maintain the highly innovative character of the company, close ties exist with engineering companies machine factories on a joint venture basis for the development and construction of special machines. There is an emphasis on close co-operation, which ensures well thought out technical solutions.

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of everyone here at Dubo Dorned, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Our offices will be closed from December 25th until January 3rd. We will be back on Monday, January 4th.